Sunday, March 8, 2009

World Baseball Classic Logo?

Walking past a sports store in New York the other day, I saw this logo plastered across its windows. At a quick glance, I thought this was a soccer teams logo. I took another look and realized it was the World Baseball Classic logo. This is the official international baseball tournament, created by MLB. Am I the only one that forgot that it was happening this year?

But I digress, I really want to comment on their logo. I know it is hard to create a logo that can encompass all the international teams that are participating in it. But, this is not the logo. It really seems as though no thought was put into this logo. How does this logo convey international baseball tournament? -By having a baseball with the latitude, longitude lines on it? Does this logo really mean anything?  I know the World Baseball Classic is trying to build a fan base and trying to create something bigger and grander but they really should start with a inspiring/ bold logo. They should take a look at olympic logos past and present to see what creating an international logo really entails.

(World Baseball Classic logo  owned by MLB Advanced Media, LP)

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