Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nine Inch Nails [NIN] iPhone 1.0 App

It seems Mr.Reznor has been listening to what his fans want. He's not guessing at what his fans want, he's not having executives telling him what his fans want but going to the source itself. This is truly the key to his current success. 

This new NIN App will be FREE and available through Apple's App store in a couple of days. It will let you access the Nine Inch Nails website (NIN.com). The new App will let you read and respond to discussions through your iPhone. You can download music, photos, videos and locate other NIN fans with the built-in GPS locator. Mr.Reznor goes on to state that this App is another level for the fans to experience their live shows - fans can create live show feeds to other fans anywhere in the world. 

Overall a very good idea it gives the fans what they want and creates a tighter fan base that feels as though they are part of something. If you haven't seen the video about the new NIN 1.0 iPhone App click here to watch the video from Trent Reznor and friends explaining all the App's functions.

All Images via NIN and Wired

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