Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lost My Sock


Saw these leaflets posted everywhere the other day – And thought, this might be a fun to visit the website or it can turn out to be a disturbing! I was willing to take a chance on it and see what happens. You never know what you’ll get when you go to a website that you find posted on a wall in New York City. When you type it brings you to the, which confused me for a second. I thought I typed in the wrong web address. I then realized that this was actually supposed to bring you to this site only after I read what’s posted below,

The last time I saw my warm and fuzzy friend was in the dryer and now it's gone!
Don't you just hate when that happens? Then you're left with all those single spares who've lost their pairs. No fun! Or waaaait a sec, could it be??
Can't I just wear any two socks that I wanna wear? And then I'll never have to worry about the missing sock again! I mean, who said socks have to match anyways? That's my theory and how my entire company got goin'! So as a super special THANK YOU for trying to help me find my lost sock, I'm giving you a pack of my marvelous, fabulous, kooky or zany socks for FREE!

All you gotta do is:
 Print this out, Bring it into my new LittleMissMatched store in Grand Central Terminal.

No surprises or sneaky moves, just bring this in and you'll get a pack of 3 coordinated but non-matching socks for FREE!
And in honor of this month's Lost Sock Memorial Day, you'll get an extra treat if you bring in all of those single guys you've got lying around. I'll be donating all gently used socks to charity so come celebrate Lost Sock Memorial Day and help others out at the same time!

Soooo thanks again for trying to help me find my sock – hope I've now helped you solve this age old problem for yourself!
Can't wait to see you in Grand Central Terminal!

This seems like a fun little promotion targeting moms and young girls. I don’t know how successful it will be (or is). How many moms or girls actually saw these plastered all over NYC and thought, “hey this looks like it could be fun website to visit”. I feel as though it needed to be a bit more direct toward moms or young girls- It’s way too vague. You are not sure if it’s a joke or not. The idea is good just the execution seems a bit off.

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