Monday, June 8, 2009

NINJA- Nine Inch Nails & Jane's Addiction Tour

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Saturday night I went to see Nine Inch Nails & Janes Addiction with my brother at PNC Arts Center in NJ. Got there a little late. We missed the opening band, Street Sweeper Social Club. By the time we got to the seats Nine Inch Nails was in the middle of their third or fourth song already. Let me personally thank the staff working that night at PNC Arts Center – who pointed us to the wrong seats. We were watching Nine Inch Nails 20-30 rows from the stage. When Nine Inch Nails ended and Jane’s Addiction was setting up we asked some security guards if we had correct seats and they told us no. They proceeded to move us, to our amazement & shock, five rows in front of the stage. A little pissed that PNC staff messed up but got over it real quick when Jane’s Addiction started.

Both bands have over 20 years experience so it’s no surprise that this show was great. NIN - Trent Reznor’s voice was perfect there were really not miss-steps at all. The touring band was tight and flawless. The band’s energy really invigorated the crowd. The fans loved them and were amazed. It was really a perfect performance that was very impressive to see live.

Let me say that Jane’s Addiction roadies only took 15 minutes to set-up the equipment, which amazed me. I’m used to waiting 30 to 45 minutes for the next band to have their equipment set-up. Then still have to wait as they do sound checks of the instruments and microphone. Right off the bat I was impressed. Then the band started to play behind a see thru curtain and bang - the crowd erupted. Jane’s Addiction was awesome - they played all their original songs flawlessly. For a fifty year old man, Perry Farrell looked better than some 20 year old musicians I've seen. His voice was perfect-he was full energy dancing around the stage. The rest of the band members were incredible - being five rows in front of the stage made it an amazing experience. Also it was great seeing Eric Avery back with the band - he was really in a zone, playing his heart out.

If you have the chance to see the NINJA tour this year, I would highly recommend it!!!

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