Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dissecting a Horror Movie Poster

The CollectorThe Collector2

Last night, I walked past these two movie poster's advertising a new horror movie called, The Collector. Lately, I have been paying closer attention to quotes and statements that are printed on these posters. This one caught my attention - it states, From the writers of Saw IV, V, VI.

Is this the best way to market this movie? Not only is this movie from a bunch of writers it also goes on to state that these writers worked on the sequels not on the original Saw movie. I view that statement as a warning sign?

First, saying," from the writers", makes me think that this story was written in parts, with each writer handling a different part of the story line. This leads me to think that this story line is going to be disjointed and not tied together very well.

Next, they are making sure they mention the Saw movie sequels to create an association to the Saw movie franchise to help sell their movie. This makes me think this movie will have a similar (if not exact) story line as the Saw movies.

Finally, they mention," from writers of Saw VI" - So far, only five Saw movies have come out. They are trying to sell their movie with a movie that hasn't even come out yet.

But then again this is a horror movie... I'm sure no one is expecting it to have a great story line. You just need a killer in a mask that "collects" people throw in a lot of blood and gore and you are done.


  1. still might go see it though

  2. It's a writing team- Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton. Dunstan directs.

  3. seems like you're selling it short before it even comes out. i'm still going to see it.

  4. I heard from Comicon that it looked sick. I'm excited to see what these guys can do outside of the Saw formula.

  5. Let me know, what you think of the film.