Friday, July 24, 2009

MOMA Museum Thinking Outside of the Box!

PosterPlan AccordinglyWebsite

Saw the MOMA poster above at my train station which peaked my interest. Went to their website and was amazed. MOMA is going the extra mile for you - They are taking social networking to the next level. The site does an analysis of your facebook profile and interests to create a personal agenda.

You just click onto their website here, Plug in the dates you're planning to go to MOMA, it will ask you to sign into your facebook page and then based on your profile/personality it will create a customized tour for you. You will be able to share this information, invite friends and discuss events. Awesome use of social network sites to benefit their patrons. A+ to MOMA really innovative idea!


  1. very cool i saw some other blog (SwissMiss) mention MOMA/facebook collab. but didn't really understand how it worked. Thanks for the detailed info.

  2. You've been busy this week posting. Good posts, keep them coming