Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bracelets Made Out of Printers CMYK Color Bands - Simple Idea


The other day I came back to my desk from lunch and sitting on my keyboard was this bracelet pictured above. The bracelet is a very simple idea, all they did was laminate the printers CMYK color strips and fasten metal button clips to it. I thought it was very cool, printers cut those color codes off the printed piece and usually trash them. This is a cool way of recycling wasted paper.

This was a free promotion given out by a paper company, not sure which one - since I didn't attend the meeting. A co-worker brought this bracelet back for me. One small critique, the bracelet should at least have the paper company's logo on it. (No one I've talked to can remember the name of the paper company that made the bracelet)


  1. cool idea never saw these before

  2. I agree good recycling idea, they should think about selling them. I would buy it they are very cute.

  3. I think it was Sappi paper. I met the creative director the other day, and he was wearing one.