Thursday, September 17, 2009

Target Billboards Recycled into Vinyl Tote Bags

Target BillboardCharles Wilkin & Josh Goldstein Target BillboardCharles WilkinTarget Billboard Michael AndersonLaurie Rosenwald 1Laurie Rosenwald 2

Walking in Times Square it's hard not to notice Target's HUGE billboards. First time I saw them I recognized Laurie Rosenwald two collages right away. I wasn't sure who the other artists were, so I looked them up. From the top Charles Wilkin & Josh Goldstein, another Charles Wilkin, Michael Anderson and the last two billboards are Laurie Rosenwald's.

Not only did target use the billboards to showcase and support emerging artists they are planning on recycling the billboards in a fun, interesting way. The billboards will be taken down at the end of October - then they will be restyled/recycled into limited edition tote bags designed by fashion icon Anna Sui. This promotes Target in multiple ways - it continues Target's association with fashion designers, Target recycles/reuses a billboard and at the end offers a unique one of a kind tote bag to their customers.

I went to the target website to get more info and see what the tote bags looked like. They look pretty cool and they are reasonably priced at $29.99. But, they are selling out pretty quick. So if you want one you better hurry.

If your interested or want to find out more information about these limited edition totes click here,

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  1. very cool but I think they are all sold out now.