Friday, October 9, 2009

DOMO at 7-Eleven!

Domo Target SignDomo Target Sign 2Domo 7-11 Sign2 Domo 7-11 SlurpeeDomo 7-11strawsDomo 7-11 Hotdogs

Domo is at 7 Eleven!
What?....You don't know who Domo is?

Well here is a brief history on Domo, (or Domo-kun). He was originally created by Japanese filmmaker Tsuneo Godain 1998 as a mascot used to promote Japan's NHK's satellite broadcast services. Godain used stop motion animation to create the shorts episodes for NHK. Domo, is a curious creature basically, a brown puppet with a big mouth and sharp teeth. Domo was hatched from an egg that had fallen into a cave, where an old rabbit (Usajii) lived. It is said that the first object Domo ever saw on Earth was a television set. The meaning of Domo's name "domo" translates as "hello" or "thanks."

Domo is very popular in Japan but seems to be more popular in the United States. Last year Domo was used as Target's mascot to promote Halloween, (photos taken from Target Store's last year. I knew there was a reason I was saving them). And now he is being used by 7-Eleven to promote Slurpee's, coffee and hotdogs and much, much more. (There is a 7-Eleven close to home I kept seeing Domo everywhere, finally went in to snap some pics.)


  1. I didn't know who or what that was at 7 Eleven yesterday - Now I do.

  2. Domo! Domo! Domo is my favorite I collect all his toys. I'll be picking up some stuff from 7- Eleven this week. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. I love Domo!!! He is soo cool!! I already have a Domo plush that I bought at Target, and I just got a Domo figurine from 7-Eleven today! It's the little pink one.