Thursday, January 22, 2009

Economic Downturn Affecting Inspirational Target

Going into a Target store has never been a laborious task for me in comparison to say, going to a mall or even a supermarket. I have always walked through the store looking for inspiration and ideas. Their signage, gift cards, bags and store displays have always kept my designer's eye interested and engaged. Even back in September 2008 - when Target temporarily opened Bullseye Bodegas across New York City. I was curious to see how differently they would market themselves in this bodega styled shop.

But recently, I began to wonder how Target was doing in this economic downturn? And how this economy would affect their design and marketing efforts. Funny thing is the same day I wondered this I received a direct mail piece from Target for $10 off any electronic or home purchases of $100 or more. There is a Target store less than five miles from my home and this was the first time ever that I have received a coupon from them. I took this as a warning sign - of things to come. Hopefully they can weather this horrible economic state and continue with their design for all mantra - Great design, Everyday, For everyone.

Above are some of Target's self promotional items that I have collected over the years. Included is the coupon mailer I received from them.

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