Monday, February 2, 2009

The Best Super Bowl Ads Recap ‘09

The Super Bowl ads this year, like most years are hit or miss. I decided not to waste time and list the bad commercials - but instead just focus on the good ones. I looked at them for creativity, humor and if it hit it's mark. - the recapping of the stages of grief at a job really got their message across loud and clear, in a very funny way. It made me laugh every time I saw the koala get punched in the face, "Oh My." - really strong commercial they made their point with no fluff at all. It was very direct and clever. - with Alec Baldwin, dead on seriously funny. He sold me on

Audi - with Jason Startham, executed and shot very well, kept me visually engaged. It was like a mini-film that clearly was on target.

Hyundai - car competitor bosses angry over Hyundai winning the car of the year. They made a statement with just a little bit of gloating. 

Coke Zero - (Mean Troy) - good update on the Mean Joe Green Coke commercial from the 1980's - I really liked the twist to it.

Doritos - (Crystal Ball) - all I can say about it is "stupid funny" but I liked it. It was unexpected and made me laugh.

NBC - (LMAO) - for a second during the commercial I didn't see which way they were going with it but then it all came together -Kudos to NBC.

Doritos - (Power of the Crunch) - Doritos brought their A-Game this year. Ludicrous idea that made for a good commercial.

Teleflora - I know, I know a lot of mixed reactions to this commercial but I found it funny. A very clear point they made - Don't buy boxed flowers! Does your loved ones care if she/he gets flowers in a box? I don't know but now this commercial will make them question it.

Cheetos - this was another commercial, I heard/read that people thought was creepy. Cheetos has been using this advertising campaign for almost a year now. It does have this mischievous slant to it but it is unique and effective for their brand. To me it seems it is targeted to a younger male demographic and maybe that's why people were on the fence with it.

Coke - (Heist) - different styled commercial for coke. It came across as whimsical, fun and creative. Point, point and point.

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