Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Reasons to be Pretty

I have recently been seeing these posters popping up throughout the city - Reasons to be Pretty, a new play by Neil LaBute. The bold color, fonts and photos really catches your attention and stands out. A simple design but very effective - at first I wasn't sure about the font sizes getting bigger for the website but looking at it again it doesn't bother me and I feel like it works. Good design overall and does what it is supposed to do.

After I took a pic of the poster, I jumped onto their website for details  - You must watch the video that pops up there, they ask people about their body image, the answers are genuinely hilarious! It seems like a good original idea for a play. I'm not a person that goes to plays often but this one seems funny and interesting enough to make me go. If you want more information go to there website, it is all listed there. Maybe I'll do a review of it for a future post.

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