Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Positive Note on the Whole Tropicana Redesign

There has been a lot of coverage over the whole Tropicana redesign. I don't really want to spend too much time on it, other than saying  - There is a positive side to the whole Tropicana design - the "squeeze" screw top that looks like an orange. I thought that was cleverly executed, I was more fascinated with that simple design then the whole new Tropicana package. I am glad that they are retaining the "squeeze" screw top even as they are returning to the old Tropicana packaging.

Side Note: In the long run this whole Tropicana misstep (in misstep I'm talking about Pepsi Co pulling the new Tropicana design) will become a problem for the graphic design community and designers in general. As a fall out from all this, I fear that companies will rethink redesigning their products - as well as second-guessing graphic designers and their design decisions. This will hurt the graphic design community tremendously


  1. there has been alot of talk about Tropicana, it is good to see something positive about it. good post.

  2. The box graphic doesn't look like juice. It looks like the contents of a colestomy bag. It's not appetizing. People have become used to over the top colors never seen in nature. Muted is not a good idea for a mass market product, maybe a new organic, soymilk for instance. This was painful to watch, Somebody should have taken this guy aside and told him that what they were trying to do here was push product, not design a hipster bike messenger bag for his senior thesis. Given that the screwtop is all that they're going to keep of the design, that is one expensive screwtop.