Tuesday, March 31, 2009

BMW Art Car Exhibit

This week as I was passing through Grand Central Station I came upon the BMW art car exhibit. If you are in New York City this week and need something to do - pass by Grand Central Station and take a look. It is really cool to see these cars up-close. On Andy Warhol's car you can actually see the physical brush strokes he painted onto the car. My favorite though, has to be Roy Lichtenstein's car with the zipatone dot pattern and swashes of yellow, blue and green - very graphic. 

This is a FREE art exhibit created by BMW. It is currently being housed in the Vanderbilt Hall, part of the Grand Central Station. This exhibit will only be there till Monday, April 6,2009, so hurry if you're planning on going.

1 comment:

  1. Nice! It's kind of a shame sometimes that they can only be seen in exhibits. It would be a dream come true to ride one of those art cars, no? You'd really take care not to get a single scratch on those.