Thursday, March 26, 2009

South Park on the U.S. Economy-Margaritaville Episode

I'm a big fan of South Park I've been watching it for years now. They have a certain way of pointing out what's wrong in our society and then make it hilarious. This weeks South Park episode deals with the recession that hits South Park's (and the United State's). Above is a small sample from the show, where Stan goes to the U.S Treasury to return his Margaritaville blender, in turn revealing how the government currently makes its decisions on the economy. Either let you fail, bail you out, print more money, cut education, go to war, tax the rich and so on. If you haven't seen this episode yet you need to watch this one, it is hands down one of their best episodes. (My favorite part from the scene above is, after they cut off the chicken's head and throw the chicken's body onto the economic board the guy in the center plays a kazoo until the chicken's body collapses. How do they come up with this? Brilliant.) It should be repeating all week on Comedy Central, if your like me and live online now, you can watch full episodes on their website

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    After all South Park TV show is very entertaining and cool show.