Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Herman Miller Chairs at Costco!

I recently heard a rumor that Costco was going to carry Herman Miller chairs. So, today I went to Costco's website to see for myself, as you can see it wasn't a rumor. It looks as though options are limited all I see are two different styled chairs, the Equa and the Caper. It has a small variety of colors and materials for each chair. But, that's fine with me. This means I can walk into a Costco purchase one and take it home same day instead of placing an order through a certified Herman Miller dealer and waiting for it to be delivered. Plus, buying them through Costco comes out to be cheaper because you are not paying for shipping.  A win, win situation all around, cheaper chairs for people and Herman Miller gets to increase it sales. 

Now all Costco has to do is convince Herman Miller to let them start selling their Aeron chair. 

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