Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Coffee Wars


Here is Starbucks new print ad campaign plus a video explanation from Howard Shultz himself, (click here for the video explanation). Starbucks is going with an eco-looking print campaign, the eco-look is to show you how environmentally conscious they are over other coffee places. The campaign also puts down other coffee makers, in a nice way. It looks as though they are gearing up for an all out coffee war. But if Starbucks is going through all this you know they are a little worried about McDonalds & Dunkin Donuts taking away their coffee drinkers in this touch economy.

I am curious to see where these new ads will appear? If they advertise in the typical areas they usually advertise in, (for example New York Times) how do they really expect to grow their business? They just keep talking to the same people that already support them. Right now it's tough for them and I think it's going to get tougher. Not sure if this is really the right direction they should be heading. I feel this ad campaign is not going to help them make any head way. The people that buy Starbucks will keep buying it - They people who buy Starbucks but can't justify buying it because of cost will probably stop and buy cheaper coffee some where else - The people who never bought Starbucks are not going to start now.

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