Sunday, May 31, 2009

Taking a Generic Store Brand to the Next Level

Recently, I have been grocery shopping at a Stop & Shop supermarket. Walking up and down their aisles I have been noticing their generic store brand products. Actually, it’s hard not to notice their store brand – their products packaging is designed better than some of the brand name products on the same shelf. They have done a very smart thing by creating a simple clean and appealing package design template – that is used throughout the store.
Very smart move on their part for mainly two reasons. One, their generic store brand is cheaper than the name brand - having a nice package design for it gets it noticed and you don’t feel like you are buying a generic product. Second, this helps establish their store brand and makes it easily recognized for future purchases.

Here is a sample of some of their products:
CrackerPAn friedCream PuffsIce cream

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