Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hand Painted Signage- Sampiyon Fenerbahche (unique find)

Close Up on letteringSampiyon

They other day walking to the train station after work, I saw this white van with the words Sampiyon Fenerbahce painted on it.
I was so fascinated by the hand painted letters that I didn't even notice the owner get in the van and start the engine. I quickly pulled out my camera phone to take a picture.

I find the hand painted lettering beautiful. The vibrant navy blue and yellow creates a very unique visual. The thick and thin blue outline with blue hairs standing on end is puzzling but at the same time engaging. Fun use of star's under certain letters instead of the traditional accent mark the cedilla. Even the placement of the words Sampiyon Fenerbahce on the van is a little off that the letter E of Fenerbahce gets cut off by the van's door. Charming and unusual lettering style.

(I've looked up Sampiyon Fenerbahce, from what I can decipher this is a Turkish soccer team whose colors are navy blue & yellow.)

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