Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Handwritten Custom Lettering"

Handwritten Title

Lately - I keep finding beautiful handwritten custom letter designers, care of photo websites like fffound. Every time I see a new custom font designer I automatically go to flickr looking for more of their work - If they have a flickr page that’s a huge bonus for me. I bookmark their flickr site automatically and look for updates weekly.

Here are six designers that I always look for updates. They have created some of my favorite pieces. If you click on their names it links back to their flickr page. Aron Jancso, Crystal Kluge, Jessica Hische, Linzie Hunter, Seb Lester, & Steven Bonner.

(Jessica Hische is the only one that doesn’t have her own flickr page, but she has a lot of people that upload photos of her work.)
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