Monday, June 29, 2009

The Piers Shop in Atlantic City - Missed Opportunity

Mall 1jpgGlass facadeBalcony StarrynightTiled columnsfloorStaircaseCeilingExterior

I spent this past weekend at Atlantic City, NJ. Just a weekend get away, to get some sun and gamble a little. Had a good time there didn’t win any money but had a fun time trying.

While walking on the boardwalk, my wife and I went to The Pier Shops, which is a shopping mall on the boardwalk. The interior of this mall is very impressive. You walk through the front glass façade that has a great view of the beach. On the opposite side there is an open balcony with ocean views. You are so close to the water that you can feel the ocean spray hit you. I know this is a mall, but it really does have a beautiful interior. They used a lot of different materials for the floor, ceiling, columns, and even lighting - that it doesn’t feel like you‘re in a mall. These little touches throughout really make it stand out. The interior is very well done.

The big problem with this shopping center is the exterior of it. Other than the front glass façade and the back balcony it is basically a box with billboards everywhere advertising anything and everything. With a giant screen television on the very top that kept advertising a big fight that was happening there next weekend. Why couldn’t they create a complete package? Have something nice and elegant on the exterior and the interior. It feels as though the exterior of the building was an after thought. They really missed out it creating something really special that would stand out from all the advertising that you are bombarded with when you’re on the boardwalk.


  1. I could not agree with this more. I see it almost every day and can't help but think that they really dropped the ball on the exterior. It is a shame. The exterior of the old Ocean One looked much better.

  2. yes I agree the old Ocean One did look better than this.