Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Strange Angular Products & Design

LogomelbourneprintFractFract 2Coca colaShirtDoritosLight ShadeStool

For quite some time now, I've been noticing products and designs rendered in an angular "three dimensions" style. This is a strange phenomena. Well I should reiterate, that it is strange but at the same time I find it fascinating.

Seeing flat two dimensional designs with a angular "three dimensional" look to it really grabs your attention. A good example of this is the City of Melbourne identity and Fract (engineered flowers) design and look. Both use a "three dimensional" angular style throughout their campaigns making them very unique and original. I am really impressed with the Fract flowers 3-D looking wrapping paper, beautiful and brilliant.

I don't know how practical some angular products really are such as, the concept Coca-Cola can, the angled shirt and the multi angled Dorito's bag but they are fun and captivating to look at. It is really impressive to see what people are creating in this angular style. I don't know if this is a trend or a fad but I look forward to seeing more angular projects in the future.

I should mention a couple of months ago Michael Surtees noticed this also and posted about it here, Weird Angle Stuff. Check it out and let me know if you see anymore of these angular projects.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Killer Fashion-Dexter, Lord & Taylor & Details cross promotion.

Dexter 1Dexter 1.5Dexter2Dexter 2.5Dexter 3Dexter3.5Dexter4Website

Came across an interesting cross promotion between Dexter (the Showtime show), Lord & Taylor (retail store) and Details magazine. This cross promotion was created as a launch for season 4 of Dexter. Details magazine and Lord & Taylor are using this as a vehicle to promote fashion (or "Killer Fashion" as they call it) - They also created a sweepstakes, you can enter for a chance to win their “Killer Sweepstakes” by filling out an entry form at the Lord & Taylor on Fifth Ave. Which includes a weekend getaway for two to Dexter’s hometown of Miami, a Killer Fashion wardrobe or a private style consultation. Plus, if you’re shopping at Lord & Taylor and you spend $200 or more (in the men’s department), you'll get a free DVD box set of Dexter Season 3.

I find this type of cross promotion interesting and I am very curious how successful it will be. It's an out of the box thinking used to promote a successful show that, already has had some interesting advertisements in the past. The Dexter's advertising & promotions always seem to come up with something better every year, they always try to top what was done before. Which is exactly what they should be doing broadening their audience and keep their show top of mind.

This morning I walked past the Lord & Taylor windows to see what they looked like as well as snap some pics. Very fun window display's depicting some "Dexter styled" scenes. The website they created to go with the promotions is very easy to navigate. It gives you some behind the scenes photos and video. If you are interested in the promotion head over to for more information.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gigantic Rorschach Starbuck's Ad in NYC

Rorschach Starbuck's Ad in NYC

Walking down west 42nd street in NYC, my eyes were ambushed by this hard to ignore enormous banner advertisement from Starbuck's. The banners are as wide as the buildings it hangs off - you can see from the photo that the banners have strategic cut outs for the buildings windows. If they wanted to get New Yorkers attention they definitely got it with this advertisement.

The tag line, "What's Brewing In Your Subconscious" plays well with the rorschach styled illustration. I like the that it has both a male and female figure in the illustration. Very fun & creative advertisement. It seems Starbucks's is stepping up its presence.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Target Billboards Recycled into Vinyl Tote Bags

Target BillboardCharles Wilkin & Josh Goldstein Target BillboardCharles WilkinTarget Billboard Michael AndersonLaurie Rosenwald 1Laurie Rosenwald 2

Walking in Times Square it's hard not to notice Target's HUGE billboards. First time I saw them I recognized Laurie Rosenwald two collages right away. I wasn't sure who the other artists were, so I looked them up. From the top Charles Wilkin & Josh Goldstein, another Charles Wilkin, Michael Anderson and the last two billboards are Laurie Rosenwald's.

Not only did target use the billboards to showcase and support emerging artists they are planning on recycling the billboards in a fun, interesting way. The billboards will be taken down at the end of October - then they will be restyled/recycled into limited edition tote bags designed by fashion icon Anna Sui. This promotes Target in multiple ways - it continues Target's association with fashion designers, Target recycles/reuses a billboard and at the end offers a unique one of a kind tote bag to their customers.

I went to the target website to get more info and see what the tote bags looked like. They look pretty cool and they are reasonably priced at $29.99. But, they are selling out pretty quick. So if you want one you better hurry.

If your interested or want to find out more information about these limited edition totes click here,

Monday, September 14, 2009

Takashi Murakami - new exhibit in Paris

Takashi 1Takashi 2Takashi 3Takashi 5Takashi 4

I'm a huge fan of Takashi Murakami's artwork, I have been following his career since 1998. His artwork, the colors he uses, images and objects he creates are truly inspiring, to me. Anytime I feel uninspired, bored or blocked - I like to stare at his artwork, (which I have reproductions at my office & home) they always seems to spring a flood of ideas for me.
He's been in the media quite a bit over the years. Most recently he worked with Louis Vuitton as well as doing video and artwork for Kayne West's Graduation album. He has a new exhibit with some new pieces in Paris, at the Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin. Above are some of his new images and if you want to see more click here, Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin. I wish I could go to Paris to view his new artwork.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wipe your feet on The Tyra Banks Show

Tyra - floor mat
Walking down 33rd street I kept seeing the same floor mat on the doors of some local store fronts. I finally stopped read what it said and snapped the photo above.

What a strange promotional/advertising tool used by The Tyra Banks Show to advertise that they have moved, a floor mat? What does that say about the show?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Typographic Absolute Ads


Walking around NYC yesterday I kept seeing these Absolute ads posted everywhere. When the sidewalk became less crowded I snapped this photo. Beautiful typographically rendered Absolute ads. Absolute always seems to consistently create really nice work. Great stuff thought I'd share it.