Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gigantic Rorschach Starbuck's Ad in NYC

Rorschach Starbuck's Ad in NYC

Walking down west 42nd street in NYC, my eyes were ambushed by this hard to ignore enormous banner advertisement from Starbuck's. The banners are as wide as the buildings it hangs off - you can see from the photo that the banners have strategic cut outs for the buildings windows. If they wanted to get New Yorkers attention they definitely got it with this advertisement.

The tag line, "What's Brewing In Your Subconscious" plays well with the rorschach styled illustration. I like the that it has both a male and female figure in the illustration. Very fun & creative advertisement. It seems Starbucks's is stepping up its presence.


  1. i've seen that ad it is HHHHHUUUUGGGGEEE! they get everyones attention when you pass by. i've seen tourists take pictures of it.

  2. wow that is a bid freaking ad!

  3. Looks like a coffee stain left at a napkin at the Starbucks sugar, cocoa ,and milk counter.