Monday, September 28, 2009

Killer Fashion-Dexter, Lord & Taylor & Details cross promotion.

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Came across an interesting cross promotion between Dexter (the Showtime show), Lord & Taylor (retail store) and Details magazine. This cross promotion was created as a launch for season 4 of Dexter. Details magazine and Lord & Taylor are using this as a vehicle to promote fashion (or "Killer Fashion" as they call it) - They also created a sweepstakes, you can enter for a chance to win their “Killer Sweepstakes” by filling out an entry form at the Lord & Taylor on Fifth Ave. Which includes a weekend getaway for two to Dexter’s hometown of Miami, a Killer Fashion wardrobe or a private style consultation. Plus, if you’re shopping at Lord & Taylor and you spend $200 or more (in the men’s department), you'll get a free DVD box set of Dexter Season 3.

I find this type of cross promotion interesting and I am very curious how successful it will be. It's an out of the box thinking used to promote a successful show that, already has had some interesting advertisements in the past. The Dexter's advertising & promotions always seem to come up with something better every year, they always try to top what was done before. Which is exactly what they should be doing broadening their audience and keep their show top of mind.

This morning I walked past the Lord & Taylor windows to see what they looked like as well as snap some pics. Very fun window display's depicting some "Dexter styled" scenes. The website they created to go with the promotions is very easy to navigate. It gives you some behind the scenes photos and video. If you are interested in the promotion head over to for more information.


  1. i'm a big fan of the show - didn't know this existed. very cool - need to spend $200 to get season 3 for free seems kinda steep. am i crazy?

  2. No you are not crazy- but if you are spending $200 bucks anyway at Lord & Taylor its plus.