Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shepard Fairey- Saks 5th Ave

This past weekend at a New Jersey mall I came across Shepard Fairey's graphics for Saks 5th Ave. I was passing by Saks, barely paying attention to my surroundings when I came across these new graphics. Let me say, they really stand out in a mall setting. 

I like the overall graphic look to it -  the sterile artwork mixed with the expression-less white mannequins work to create a unsettling look and feel. The pseudo russian constructivism style does exactly what it is intended to do, look cold and apathetic. But I think it does the opposite of what Sak's is trying to do - persuade consumers to "Want it!" There is no emotional connection what-so-ever. Russian Constructivism was meant to be emotionless, cold, hard and true. It certainly does stand out but will this new campaign hurt or help Saks 5th Ave in these hard economic times?