Thursday, March 19, 2009

Optimistic Look at the Economy

Getting a little tired of all the negative economic press. The news media just seems to thrive on all this negativity. This is what I hear all day: Bernie Madoff,  AIG, bailouts, retention bonuses, Iceland collapses, mortgage crisis, credit slumps, businesses closing, socialism, banks failing, unemployment, Bernanke, layoffs, blaming Greenspan, Ponzi schemes, John Stewart vs. Jim Cramer, blame game, recession, foreclosures, GM bankruptcy, pension funds, what's wrong with Obama's economic plan, nationalizing banks, problems in Detroit, and slipping consumer confidence. 

It just never ends -the more the media focuses on the negativity, the more people get scared. Creating a vicious cycle of fear and confusion. Can't we focus on something positive? I know its not great out there, but just focusing on dismal economic news isn't going to solve anything either. 

Illustration by Paulo Pereira

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