Sunday, March 22, 2009

Risque Ad - Schick Quattro for women, Trim Style

This weekend my wife and I were at a bookstore flipping through all the new magazines. We were sitting there quietly reading when she gasped at this new Schick Quattro ad, for women, trim style. She said, "wow they are being very direct with this ad, no need to guess at what they are hinting at here."  

I took a look at the ad, but I wasn't shocked by it. Schick is looking for some publicity (good or bad) with this new ad campaign and I'm sure they will get it. Is it that shocking? I don't feel like it is, its just a bit more direct than I'm used to seeing from an American ad. Compared to ads from europe this is actually pretty tame. Will this directness work for Schick?  


  1. I just saw this ad in In Style magazine and came to the web to see if anyone had posted a picture of it yet. This product was launched in Europe with the most offensive advertising. Please check out our website as we have done some extensive research regarding same.

    You will not believe the "jingle" that accompanies this advert in Europe. I found the original story at a website called "Feminist Law Professors" and you can see the numerous ads, youtubes, ect. at the following linked website:

    This is one of the most sexist campaigns by an American company then has been seen in decades. Please feel free to visit us and provide any feedback and/or insight.

    The above link will direct you only to that particular ad. You may also view by going to and typing "schick" into the search tag.

    I very happy to see a graphics site that also saw this as being a bit over the top.

  2. thanks for the information & comment

  3. They had an ad campaign a few years ago that featured cats.