Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I See Pop Chips Everywhere

Pop chips 2Pop chips 3

These ads seem to be popping up everywhere I look, (pun intended). This visual bombardment made me take notice - which in turn led me to post about them.

The packaging is simple, clean and to the point. Very unique and fun typographical treatment. I really like their color-code system for each flavor of chips they produce. The whole look will definitely make it stand out on store shelves. The ads really co-exist nicely with the packaging - Overall a very good advertising campaign. (I do remember seeing this packaging about a year ago on The Dieline website, back then I thought it was a very different (in a good way) for a potato chip packaging.)

They are supposed to different type of potato chip compared to other potato chips theses are literally popped into existence. They apply heat and pressure to the potato and create an unique looking and tasting chip. I have yet to buy them so I can’t comment on their taste. But if you are curious here’s their website where they list all the stores where you can purchase them - www.popchips.com

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